Kapunda - Mid North Region, South Australia.

Kapunda was another of the copper mining towns which contributed to South Australia's salvation in the earliest days of the colony. The town is simply oozing history and the well-trained tourist can easily spend a weekend rambling.

However on a trip there in 2005 I thought the town had grown rather tired. On a sunny afternoon in winter it seemed remarkably quiet and most of the main street businesses were closed. The contrast with, say, Tanunda is striking. Perhaps the place needs reinvigorating with a mix of public and private dollars. Many of the fine old buildings, both public and private, could do with sprucing up.

There is some excellent wrought-iron lace work.

Three of the photos of Kapunda were taken on a trip in 1981, using a conventional camera taking 35mm slides. They were scanned for the website. The rest were taken in Winter 2005 using a digital camera.

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