Moonta - Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

The extensive copper deposits at Moonta were not discovered until 1861 and the township followed soon after. Moonta became a major copper producer, like Burra and Kapunda. Cornish miners provided much of the labour and the area has become known as Little Cornwall, boasting a regular Cornish festival, and, of course, Cornish pasties.

The copper has long been worked out but the town has flourished as both a tourist attraction and a popular retirement district thanks to its equitable and relatively dry climate.

Those with an interest in old mining technology will find it fascinating.

There is a story that Candles by Candlelight originated here when the miners - with candles fixed to their helmets - sang carols on Christmas Eve.

A few of the photos were taken as 35mm slides in 1981. The rest were digitals, taken in 2006.

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Mines Area

Township Area