Pt Pirie - Mid North Region, South Australia.

Pt Pirie was surveyed in 1871. The name comes from the John Pirie, the first ship known to have entered the area. As well as being a port, the town has long hosted various industrial works for smelting lead, zinc, silver, gold and copper. The mines at Broken Hill were an early source of many minerals. Wheat exports were also important.

I must admit that on a visit to the town as a young man, I found it very unattractive. Maybe it was just a grey winter's day. Visiting on a sunny spring day in 2008 I found it much more pleasant, with many fine buildings intact and some attempt to display their history. Ellen St, the main street, retains a degree of coherence (compared, say, to Pt Augusta and Mt Gambier). There is some excellent colonial housing, many solid public buildings and one outstanding Federation hotel.

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