Tatiara Region, South Australia.

The Tatiara Region is at the upper end of the South East of South Australia and shares some of its features such as usually reliable rainfall, good farming land and some decent floods at times. However the Tatiara also has its own distinctive feeling to it.

Although the highway towns of Keith and Bordertown date from the 1800s, much of the area has become more intensively settled in recent years, with the introduction of lucerne. A combination of limestone and good rainfall has produced extensive aquifers which are used, for example, as the water supply for Bordertown.

The area around Bordertown is beautiful, with many remnant eucalyptus stands. Also not to be missed are the run-away holes, such as Poocher Swamp, where vast amounts of water disappear down deep holes during floods.

The little town of Mundulla, dating from the 1880s, is charming. Something about the vibes that were there when we visited one mild day in May 2008, tells me that this little village is being discovered by the trendy set from Adelaide and Melbourne, being only a few kilometres from the main highway.

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