Terowie - Upper North Region, South Australia.

Hic transit gloria! Terowie was once an important railway town with a significant population which peaked at 2000. Two different rail gauges met at this point and there were 3 kms of railyards.

Today, only historical interest keeps the town alive.

There are some fine old buildings but perhaps the main attraction is the connection with General Douglas MacArthur. It was here, on 20 March 1942, at the lowest point in the Pacific War, that he stopped to change trains on his way from Alice Springs to Adelaide, and made his famous statement : "I came out of Bataan and I shall return".

Photos of that day suggest a substantial railway station but, alas, it is gone and the platform today is bare. There is, however, a certain frisson about standing on that platform and remembering all that was to transpire in the next three and a half years. A brave man to have had such optimism!

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